Our Team

Our people are pro-active

Our culture is team-oriented and performance-driven. Our collaborative strategy means our team has diversity across experience, regions and perspectives. Our people identify opportunities and are supported by robust operational and technical resources.

CEO Paspalis Corporation, CEO & Founder Paspalis Innovation Investment, CEO & Founder Darwin Innovation Hub

Harley Paroulakis is the CEO of Paspalis Corporation, a seasoned leader dedicated to fostering innovation and sustainable growth in the Northern Territory. With a strategic vision and a commitment to driving positive change, Harley brings a wealth of experience to his role, overseeing the company’s investment management, the Darwin Innovation Hub, and a diverse commercial property portfolio.

Chief Financial Officer Paspalis Corporation, PIIF Investment Committee

Matthew Bell is the Chief Financial Officer of the Paspalis Group, and a seasoned professional with nearly 25 years of experience in accounting and financial management. With expertise spanning various industries and a track record of success in M&A and IPO transactions, Matthew brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic insight to his role. He is also a member of the PIIF Investment Committee.

Corporate Counsel Paspalis Corporation, PIIF Investment Committee, Director Evora Legal

Jennifer Yeo, Corporate Counsel at Paspalis Corporation, brings over a decade of expertise in corporate governance, taxation, and commercial law. She is a member of the PIIF Investment Committee, providing strategic legal counsel for investment management. Her deep knowledge in Australian and international tax law, gained from top-tier law and accounting firms, makes her a trusted legal advisor.

Senior Investment Manager, PIIF Investment Committee

Geoff Thomas is Senior Investment Manager at Paspalis Corporation and a dedicated member of the PIIF Investment Committee. With over two decades of trusted experience and a wealth of expertise in start-ups, venture capital, and mergers and acquisitions, Geoff brings valuable insights to our investment strategies, ensuring strategic growth and sustainable success in the dynamic financial landscape.

Chief Communications Officer

Karmen Karamanian is Chief Communications Officer at Paspalis Corporation, driving brand, marketing, and communications strategies across all business units. With over 20 years of experience in digital innovation and cross-border marketing, Karmen's expertise fuels growth and development for the Paspalis Group.

Investment Manager

Alex Farrugia is the Darwin-based Investment Manager at Paspalis. With 8 years of expertise in corporate advising, Alex brings strategic insights and financial acumen to drive venture capital investments and support growth initiatives. Alex brings a wealth of expertise in supporting high-growth startups, spinouts, and scale-ups in the technology sector.

Director – Innovation and Investment Readiness, Darwin Innovation Hub

Dante St James is the Director of Innovation and Investment at Darwin Innovation Hub, providing strategic support for the Start NT program and leading public workshops and industry events. With a diverse background in health, telecoms, digital media, and entrepreneurship, Dante brings a wealth of experience to drive innovation and growth initiatives.

Community and Administration Officer, Darwin Innovation Hub

Brooke Young is the Community and Administration Officer at Darwin Innovation Hub, bringing a wealth of experience in community engagement and administration. Brooke's passion for fostering collaborative environments and building relationships will be instrumental in managing the Hub's dynamic community.

General Manager - Property & Facility Services

Darran Lum is the General Manager of Property & Facility Services at Paspalis Corporation. With over 18 years of experience Darran's passion for building strong client relationships and ensuring top-quality services has been instrumental in establishing Paspalis Facility Services as a reliable and trusted provider in the Darwin area.

Development Management Consultant

Cameron Bowes is the Development Management Consultant for Paspalis Corporation's Commercial Property business unit. With extensive experience in construction services and valued expertise in project and development management, Cameron plays a crucial role in driving successful property development projects for Paspalis.

Financial Controller, Accounting and Compliance

Annie Jiang is the Financial Controller at Paspalis Group, overseeing financial records, account activities, and managing the MINT program. With a strong track record in accurate financial reporting and bilingual proficiency in Mandarin and English, Annie brings valuable expertise to ensure compliance and financial integrity.

Office Manager

Mimi Kunnikorn is the Office Manager at Paspalis, providing essential administrative support and secretarial assistance across the organisation. With a background in STEM and valuable technical skills in SQL Coding and Digital Marketing, Mimi's multilingual proficiency and friendly demeanour make her a vital asset to the team.