Harley Paroulakis

Harley Paroulakis is the CEO of Paspalis Corporation, a seasoned leader dedicated to fostering innovation and sustainable growth in the Northern Territory. With a strategic vision and a commitment to driving positive change, Harley brings a wealth of experience to his role, overseeing the company’s investment management, the Darwin Innovation Hub, and a diverse commercial property portfolio.

Matthew Bell

Matthew Bell is the Chief Financial Officer of the Paspalis Group, and a seasoned professional with nearly 25 years of experience in accounting and financial management. With expertise spanning various industries and a track record of success in M&A and IPO transactions, Matthew brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic insight to his role. He is also a member of the PIIF Investment Committee.

Jennifer Yeo

Jennifer Yeo, Corporate Counsel at Paspalis Corporation, brings over a decade of expertise in corporate governance, taxation, and commercial law. She is a member of the PIIF Investment Committee, providing strategic legal counsel for investment management. Her deep knowledge in Australian and international tax law, gained from top-tier law and accounting firms, makes her a trusted legal advisor.

Geoff Thomas

Geoff Thomas is Senior Investment Manager at Paspalis Corporation and a dedicated member of the PIIF Investment Committee. With over two decades of trusted experience and a wealth of expertise in start-ups, venture capital, and mergers and acquisitions, Geoff brings valuable insights to our investment strategies, ensuring strategic growth and sustainable success in the dynamic financial landscape.