Matthew Bell

Matthew Bell

Chief Financial Officer Paspalis Corporation, PIIF Investment Committee

Matthew Bell is the Chief Financial Officer of the Paspalis Group, and a seasoned professional with nearly 25 years of experience in accounting and financial management. With expertise spanning various industries and a track record of success in M&A and IPO transactions, Matthew brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic insight to his role. He is also a member of the PIIF Investment Committee.

Matthew Bell serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the Paspalis Group, where he plays a vital role in ensuring financial stability and compliance across the organisation. With nearly 25 years of experience as a professional accountant, Matthew brings a depth of expertise in corporate tax advisory, financial management, and strategic planning. He is also a member of the PIIF Investment Committee, further showcasing his expertise in financial strategy and investment management.

Prior to his full-time CFO role at Paspalis Group, Matthew worked as a part-time consulting CFO since 2013, gaining valuable insights into the company’s operations and financial strategies. His diverse background includes working with reputable firms such as pwc and Deloitte as a corporate tax advisor, as well as serving as a partner in smaller accounting practices and a consultant CFO for privately owned businesses.

Matthew’s professional journey encompasses a wide spectrum of businesses, from startups to ASX200 and multinational corporations, spanning industries such as technology, media, telecommunications, biotech, financial services, hospitality, renewable energy, and property. His experience with diverse businesses has honed his ability to navigate complex financial landscapes and provide strategic financial guidance.

A notable aspect of Matthew’s expertise lies in his significant experience with M&A and IPO transaction structures, along with conducting due diligence reviews. His proficiency in these areas has been instrumental in driving successful financial outcomes and facilitating strategic business decisions.

As a CPA and Registered Tax Agent, Matthew holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) from the University of Western Sydney, underscoring his academic foundation and commitment to professional excellence. His strategic acumen, combined with a comprehensive understanding of financial principles and regulations, makes him an invaluable asset to the Paspalis Group and a trusted leader in the finance industry.