Mimi Kunnikorn

Mimi Kunnikorn

Office Manager

Mimi Kunnikorn is the Office Manager at Paspalis, providing essential administrative support and secretarial assistance across the organisation. With a background in STEM and valuable technical skills in SQL Coding and Digital Marketing, Mimi's multilingual proficiency and friendly demeanour make her a vital asset to the team.

Mimi Kunnikorn holds the role of Office Manager at Paspalis, where she plays a pivotal role in providing administration support and secretarial assistance to the entire team. As the assistant to the CEO, Mimi manages appointments, communications, and related administration tasks, ensuring smooth operations and effective coordination across the organisation.

Born and raised in Darwin, Mimi completed her education at Darwin High School and further pursued her academic interests by earning a Bachelor of Science degree from Charles Darwin University. Her educational background, combined with a personal interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), equips Mimi with a solid foundation in technical knowledge and analytical skills.

One of Mimi’s notable strengths is her proficiency in SQL Coding and Digital Marketing, areas where she continuously develops and applies her technical expertise to enhance operational efficiency and support business initiatives at Paspalis. Her ability to leverage technology and digital tools enables her to streamline processes and contribute to the company’s overall productivity and growth.

As an Office Manager, Mimi is known for her friendly and approachable demeanour, making her a valued team player and a go-to person for assistance and support. Her strong communication skills, attention to detail, and organisational abilities ensure that office operations run smoothly, deadlines are met, and tasks are completed efficiently.

In addition to her professional responsibilities, Mimi’s multilingual proficiency adds further value to her role. She is fluent in English, Thai, and Japanese, allowing her to communicate effectively with a diverse range of stakeholders and contribute to the company’s global engagement and collaboration efforts.

Overall, Mimi Kunnikorn’s combination of technical skills, administrative proficiency, multilingual capability, and team-oriented approach make her an integral part of the Paspalis team. Her dedication to excellence and continuous improvement contributes to a positive and efficient work environment, supporting the company’s success and growth in the dynamic business landscape.