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Empowering NT minds through our partnership with Charles Darwin University, and other NT academic institutions.

Michael Paspalis Scholarship

CEO Harley Paroulakis established the Michael Paspalis Scholarship in 2023. The scholarship, created in memory of Harley’s grandfather Michael, is open to any CDU student enrolled in the third year of a Bachelor’s degree program. The scholarship, worth $10,000 per annum, is aimed at career-minded students with creative entrepreneurial ability. It will also include a 12-week work placement at one of the Paspalis Group’s companies, including the Darwin Innovation Hub.
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Empower Innovation Scholarship (EIS) - Start NT scholarship

Paspalis is dedicated to fostering innovation in students, providing 3 month Start NT scholarships that support research projects and facilitate commercialisation through mentorship, office accommodations, and investment readiness. Our custom-built Data Lab and R&D Facility at DIH feature advanced computing capabilities and a high-speed internet connection of up to 10 GB via AARNet, empowering research teams with cutting-edge resources for growth and development.
Empower Innovation Scholarship

Research Income

Paspalis dedicates significant resources, providing up to $200,000 per year in research funding, to support Charles Darwin University and various academic institutions across the Northern Territory in their research and development initiatives. This commitment underscores our ongoing partnership with these institutions and our shared goal of advancing innovation and knowledge creation in the region.

Guardians of Greek Language and Culture

Paspalis' commitment includes a $50,000 donation to CDU’s Guardians of Greek Language and Culture. At the 2023 CDU celebration, Paspalis CEO Harley Paroulakis highlighted his Greek heritage in Darwin, noting their significant economic impact. CDU’s Guardians of Greek Language and Culture have raised over $1.5 million since 2012, supporting the renowned Hellenic and Greek Studies program under Professor George Frazis, offering Greek study tours and enriching understanding of Greek influence on global history and culture.
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