Building a Thriving Innovation Ecosystem

Empowering entrepreneurs through the Start NT Program, CrocPitch and other innovation ecosystem initiatives at Darwin Innovation Hub.

The Darwin Innovation Hub

Paspalis takes pride in owning and operating Darwin's premier incubator - the Darwin Innovation Hub, driven by our commitment to social impact. By providing a supportive ecosystem for startups and entrepreneurs, we catalyse innovation and economic growth in the Northern Territory. Our focus on sustainability, diversity, and community engagement ensures that the DIH serves as a hub for positive change, fostering collaboration, creating jobs, and driving progress towards a more vibrant and inclusive society.
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StartNT Program

Paspalis supports StartNT, an in-house program at the Darwin Innovation Hub, by providing experienced mentors with high-level professional expertise. StartNT offers a comprehensive commercialisation pathway for companies in the Northern Territory, helping them scale and become investment-ready. Through our mentors, we ensure these companies receive the guidance and support needed to navigate the challenges of growth and achieve their business goals.
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Croc Pitch

Paspalis values social impact, which is why we award Croc Pitch contestants the opportunity to pitch for up to $1 million in venture capital investment. This initiative offers startups the opportunity to scale immediately, fuelling innovation and economic growth in the Northern Territory. By providing access to crucial investment and resources, we empower entrepreneurs to bring their visions to life and create lasting positive impact in their communities.
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The Chamber NT

Paspalis and the NT Chamber of Commerce unite to advance innovation and investment in the Northern Territory, synergising expertise and networks. Advocating for entrepreneur support, fostering investment opportunities, facilitating networking, and informing policy, we aim to cultivate a robust innovation ecosystem for sustainable growth and social impact in the region.
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