Innovation Success Stories


Our success stories

MUSIC to our ears,
space propulsion that reaches beyond

Aliena's MUSIC Electric Propulsion System offers a modular architecture that allows for the widest dynamic range of thrust and specific impulse for such a system available on the market today.

Robust 3D metal printing at lightning fast speeds

SPEE3D is working with US, Australian and British armed forces for a deployable and easy-to-use solution, in rough terrain, that prints important parts quickly.

Frank Noppel is reimagining drone manufacture

Whether transporting large or small packages, blueflite's drone-based platform is built to scale in both size and quantity.

Arnhem Space Centre: A world-class global spaceport

Located 12° South of the equator, the ASC is a multi-user commercial spaceport in East Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, Australia.